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E-Stimulation/Prostate Massage

Electro Stimulation

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  Prostate Massage

  I have gathered some information on Prostate Massage and the benefits for those that are interested in this offering.


Prostate massage is claimed by some to be a healthy activity that can have a profound impact on the function of a man's prostate, the health of his reproductive system and his overall sex life.

Regular Ejaculation

  • Massaging the prostate promotes relaxation and, in turn, regular ejaculation. Regular ejaculation has a number of healthy, non-sexual benefits. The stimulation of the prostate gland promotes the productin of fluid in the prostate and brings fresh blood flow to the pelvic area. This fresh blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients, allowing for healthier cell function within the prostate and the surrounding area.

  • Improved Erectile Function

  • Many men experience chronic constriction in the area of the pelvis. This constriction, again, decreases blood flow to the area and to the penis itself. Massaging the prostate and the perineum will relax the pelvic muscles and allow better blood flow to the area.

Relief of Pain and Swelling from Prostatitis

  • Prostatitis is a condition in which bacteria grows in the acini sacs within the prostate gland itself. The bacteria causes the prostate gland to become swollen and, in some cases painful. In many cases the bacteria can shed itself from the prostate gland, but if the prostate swells, the acini close and the bacteria becomes trapped, causing additional pain, swelling and urinary problems. Gentle prostate massage ensures that fresh blood flow is brought to the acini sacs, allowing them to flush and prevent bacteria from remaining trapped inside.


    • Many men suffering from impotence find that regular prostate massages help to return them to normal sexual function. While sexual impotence can be caused by muscular constriction, as mentioned above, it can also be caused by past neglects or abuses (physical or nonphysical). Regular prostate massage will increase seminal fluids and can, over time, help a man to overcome impotence issues.

$100/60 min

$150/90 min