Synn Valentine

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Want to thank everyone for their support and kind words.
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Hugs to you all!!  xoxox


The Wall


Thank you for returning my call so quickly. You made my visit here bearable. I will make note to schedule ahead.
It was a great, relaxing encounter. Spokane is very lucky to have you here. Care to move to Portland???


Incredible time spent with an amazing woman. You're the best in your field. I have yet to find another so I will stay with you.
Until my next appointment with you. Take care sweet Lady. xoxo 


4 handed bodyrub was amazing!!!!!  Can't wait for next time!


Thank you wonderful lady for the great afternoon. I look forward to many more with you.



Hope you have  a wonderful christmas. See you in the next year. Mark


Thank you for entertaining me today. I had a wonderful time and I enjoyed looking at all your toys. lol  I hope to see you again soon. 



Your studio is very relaxing, clean and a pleasure to relax in. Thank you for your time, it was great!

M lee


I appreciate you seeing me on short notice, I enjoyed it very much. Great hands you have (-:


It was nice to meet you finally!!!  I don't get over to Spokane very much but look forward to seeing you again!


Happy Halloweenie!!!

Had an extremely good time with you and look forward to next time.  I do like the sensory play, that is a treat.

Absolutely the best experience I've had in a while. Not going in to details and I do appreciate your discretion.
I had a wonderful time, it was extremely relaxing and exciting at the same time. You are such a tease. ;)
My turn next?

Don't know what I can add that hasn't been said before but i will say this... IT WAS AWESOME!! see you soon!

I always have the best time with you! Very loving and giving woman with the best set of hands that I have
ever had the pleasure of enjoying!  Talented, sensitive to my needs. I will be enjoying your company more in the
future. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday.

Have to admit is was a drive out there but it was so nice, very relaxing drive and appointment was even more relaxing and I barely made it home. ;) You are very skilled and very attentive and patient. I very much appreciate it.
 Mr. John


Exactly what I needed to start my week off. Thanks for the great rub!!


FBSM was fabulous! Save me a spot for next week please. (-:


Incall/Private Studio
Very Clean
Mood is set with low lights and massage music
Very Relaxing time
I'm one of Synndees many regulars and I have never been disappointed.
Great time as always Girl! See you again very soooon!  xoxo


I had to email you and thank you for the most erotic experience I've ever had. It's a few days after and I'm so ready to do it again. Lots to learn from you, you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for all of it!!



Returning Client that just experienced E-Stim for the first time. Felt awesome . Never knew about it until you.

Will be coming back for more that's for sure!


Thanks again for the great session today. You are a kind, compassionate person. I like your style. More guys need to know about how good your sessions can be. You must have one of the biggest menus available in the area without risking your own health or that of your clients.


Kink Fusion opened some doors. I think I'm going to take the next step. Very Skilled.



CLASS ACT.  No disappointment what so ever. I throughly enjoyed my visit. Cheerful, humorous and sexy.  Now let's talk
about our next visit. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Very fitting for what I need. Thank you for accommodating this old man. :]


Please put this up for me. I always feel at home at your place. I absolutely love it. Very freeing. Take care cutie.
Michael D.


No Details I promise however I must say that your hands are the softest and feel wonderful. I am coming back for a third
round.  LB


I had a great time today. It was amazing and so relaxing! Thks for it all.



Wish I had seen you way before this. New experience for me and I so so so enjoyed it. Please continue it.
you are way fun and very skilled. I would recommend you also. Looking forward to next month already. Can't wait.


Very Good at Touch. Relaxing and fun. thx



Incall, a few mile out of town but great country views driving there.
Synn is pleasant, easy to talk to, good sense of humor.
Answers questions well.
She is clean and careful.
She has several menus available.
I had my first visit with her recently.
Relaxing session
I asked for a thorough prostate massage which she did very well.
I recommend Synn.


Well I was in search of a great body rub and I do believe I found it !!  You have a great website and great reviews. I'm very
impressed with you. Not too many will put forth the effort. Keep up the good work young lady!  And I will see you very soon.



Session was  AWESOME. You have got the best touch around. Look forward to another meet.

Thank you for your kindness. Had a wonderful time. It was much need ME time. You are generous with your spirit and time.
I throughly enjoyed myself here.

Ben from Reno


The sensory play was a great time for me. I left with weak knees. You're a great person and you do a great job!
Well worth the trip in. Take care babe, until we meet again!



LOVE A CHALLENGE and this was a challenge. Tantra was awesome and I want more. See you in a few darlin!!


Your Tantra Massage is an out of this world experience and now will be a must do for me again and again....amazing!!!



Beautiful Experience given by a beautiful woman! I can't wait to see you again. Thank you so much for this.


NEVER had anything like it before! OUTSTANDING !!

Goosebumps! Sensory Play is the ticket!  It's different, I will say that, but the end was wonderful. Now I understand. lol


Please add this to your wall when you get a chance. A+++++++++ guys!!  Relax and let her do the work.  spectacular.


I have been to see Synndee several times and it's been a blast every time. She is a fun lady and I am spoiled every time.
Synndee you are the best! And I appreciate all that you do. Thank you!


Came across your ad and wasn't sure if you were a good fit or not for my needs. Well I found out that you are
and I'm glad that I made the choice of seeing you.  It was a pleasure!! 


Talented Lady! Great body rub :) Had a very nice time and will enjoy it again.


Tantra that you give is absolutely incredible.  I know I need practise and I am hoping you will help me along my
journey. You are definately worth the drive, although you really aren't that far away. ;)  Lovely space, lovely woman.
I will contact you next week. See you very soon!!!



I have read your reviews and I will agree with all of them. You have a great gift and I'm glad you share it.





You certainly know your away around the human body.  I enjoyed it very much. Thanks!


What an exciting visit!  It was great and looking forward to having another.  keep up the great work.



Beautiful woman, great touch. Had a fabulous time.

Great encounter. Clean, very comfortable surroundings. I felt very welcomed.


I LOVE the SENSORY PLAY!!  Tingle Tingle Tingle  It was the best. Thank you for a wonderful wonderful time.



Your studio is very inviting and comfortable. and your gift is one of a kind and I will always come here.

It was great!! ;]  Thks again.


This was my very first experience and it was way more than I expected.  I loved it!!  I want to learn more and experience more. Thank you so much Syndee for opening new doors for me. Great Lady!!


I hve said this many many times.  The Best!!



Beautiful, talented, sweet and generous. I will be coming back for more. (;

Wasn't for sure what to expect on my first visit. You made me feel very welcome. You are a very sexy woman with amazing
talent. Thanks for the great time and for your patience.

Third session for me. Thank you for the great time. ;)  s. adams.


Have to say for my first experience it was Awesome. I was nervous but quickly calmed down. Thank you for
addressing my concerns and requests. You are great and it was way more than I had expected. You have a
client for life. :-)     Country Boy


Good a.m. to ya!  I want to come see you again. I miss your hands! Hope you are doing well.


Out of Towner I am. It was a treat to be able to experience what you have to offer. I shall be back for some more
entertainment. Sweet sweet sweet!

Sincerely,  College Jock


Glad you were able to fit me in your schedule. Excellent as always!!! I like the blindfold, yum!!


If I didn't live 6 hours away I would visit every weekend, so visiting once a month will have to do for now.
pdx born

As always Synndee, I had a wonderful time. Amazing hands and control. (:


Sensory Play is the ticket for me. I had a wonderful time. Thank you so very much!


You have such a cool little space! It's Awesome!! You're awesome!  You do rock it girl!


Had an awesome time with you! You always make me feel like a feather when our time is over!! Soooo relaxing.



Great Rub, Great Lady, Great ??  ;)  I will be seeing more of you in the future. count on it. Thanks.

Always an delightful and electrifying  time. You are way better than Good and don't forget it honey.  Jack


Amazing amazing amazing hands!! Love your touch. You are GOOD!!


Kink Fusion has opened a whole new world to me. Thx again for being here.

Tatu Guy


Little Miss Synndee, Thank you for having me in today.  Your picture didn't do justice.  Thank you again for the great time.


sensory play is the way to go. I nev er imagined it would be so good. I will have another session at the end of the month but I believe I would like to have a longer one if possible. Please let me know what is best for your schedule.

Warmest Regards,

White Dove


It was worth the drive, will be back.



Thank you Synn for a great time. Sensory Play was a lot of fun.  It was more than I expected.


All I can say is WOW.  I throughly enjoyed my experience. Was worth the drive out and I will be returning. Exceptional
energy and touch, I still haven't come down from the clouds. You are a sweet and fun lady! Thank you.



Your Kink Fusion was everything that I hoped it would be and more!! Look forward to my next visit!!!


I found the Sensory Play to be the most fun I have had in a long time. It was more intense than expected. I am most certainly am coming back to see you. May the New Year bring a lot of happiness and joy. See you soon.


Happy New Year Synndee!!


I had to say that Kink Fusion was a lot of fun and I want to experience more. Thank you for what you do.


Wishing you a Merry Xmas! Hope to see you soon.  mg

Merry Christmas, hope you have a great day.


Good Evening Synn, Thanks for the great time. Sorry it was short notice, I will try to email sooner. Thanks again and see you soon.
Texas Hawk


Hello Good Lookin'!!

I've decided I want you to post this on the "Wall" that's on your site.  I just have to brag on you! I consider you a
friend and my Sensory Play Practioner. haha I like that.
Anyhow, you do amazing work, have amazing eneregy and I always go into another world when I'm there. I can't sleep
the day before because I'm so excited to be coming back. I am an old fart for sure but you make me feel like a little teeny
bopper and all in a good way. I love the tantra that you do. I just love it all!! I wish you a very very Merry Christmas, you
deserve it and so much more. I will be seeing you again real soon. Until then Behave yourself!! (I know, yuou always do). :)

The Grumpy old Fart


Amazing Body Rub!!!!!!!!!!  Thx so much! (-;


Good Morning Synndee,

I've been wanting to do this for a while but time kept getting away from me.
I had a great time with you and the Body Rub was amazing. I think I fell
asleep!! lol
I will call in the morning to set up my next appointment. I want to try the
Sensory Play.  Hope you have a great day.



Glad that you are better. I had a blast, love the Sensory play! See you next week.


Hope to see you soon. Get well.


Good Morning Synndee,

Thank you for the wonderful time. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!    Mikie


Hello Synn,

Sensational experience. I've tried all three of your offerings and I will be rotating between the three because I love all of them!!
Your touch is amazing! Thank you so much for this! xoxo 

Conner M.


I had a great time with you Syndee. You did a fabulous job and I totally feel comfortable with you. Thank you for making this a great experience for me.



I had a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing you again.    Bob


Dear Miss Synndee,

Just wanted to let you know that I truely enjoyed myself. It was the best encounter I have had so far. You have tremendous amount of energy in your hands and my stress seemed to melt away. I love the Sensory Play it was fantastic!!
I do hope to see you more.


Very erotic! I really like the Kink Fusion!! Who would've known?     


Dear Synndee,

Just a short note to say thanks for the great experience. It was truely a pleasure meeting you.  Hope to see you soon.



Happy B-Day to one of the most sensual touch artists I've seen. You are the best I have to admit. I have seen quite a few and
you are by far the best I've had the pleasure of meeting. Guys don't bother wasting your money on someone else, trust me on this. She is by far the best in Body rubs and tantric. She takes her time and gets pleasure out of your pleasure. She absolutely blows my mind.
Hope you have a rockin' day!!  See you soon  xxxx

Patrick S.


Happy Birthday! Have a great day and I will see you next week.        Kyle


Happy Birthday to you!  Hope you have a wonderful day! Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) 





Good Morning Miss Synndee,

Would like to express how grateful I am for the experience. It was exciting, relaxing and I plan returning. You are very charming, pretty and can be down right wicked. (giggle) But that is part of the fun don't you think? Well young lady I
must get going. Again Thank you for our time together, it was wonderful.    Chatter  Roy

Hey Synn ... I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome experience! I could only wish that most women have figured out what you have but ... oh well! At least I know where to find you when I need to. Thanks again! 



INTENSE is right! Took me a few to relax and let myself get into it but once I did it was wonderful. Thank you sooo much for the great time. It has opened a door (;

Sensational experience indeed. You have a great touch. Time flies when you're having fun, so i will book a 2 hour session next time.  :) :) :) :) :)

Can't go wrong here! You should come to Moses Lake for the weekend. I'm sorry I was a few minutes late, promise to be on time next time. ;) Thank YOU for the great time Ms. Synndee. xoxox

Exceptional!  Chevylover

Just wanted to send  a Huge Hug and wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful experience. Alan

A delightful experience, very sweet with a great touch. You won't regret your time here. Thanks for the experience.

Please post this when you get this. Just wanted to say that I had a great time. You do have great hands and my back is loving you. Thanks so much for your time dear. It was Wonderful! Teddybear

Very exciting time, great person, great local. Drove from Central WA and it was worth the drive. Wish you lived closer but
I can only wish.  Been getting massages for 20 years and you my dear are so far the best. Wish you the best. Will try to make it back next month. John Deer Man

Great time and planning a return trip soon. Thank you.

Luke (:

Worth the drive!! Thanks again Syndee.

Great Experience! A must do again. Worth the wait :)

Well worth the investment, is very very charming and very nice clean location. Would drive a 100 miles to experience this again. Has a very great set of hands and make a person feel like a million dollars, when you leave you will have a smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your time with me, I had a great time. Love what you do! Very nice place.  


You are right about the touch of another person     massage is truly nutrition for the soul and I thank you for sharing time with me today   you have a beautiful smile along with an amazing present. I am blessed to have met you.

Hi; Wanted to tell you how Wonderful it was  to see you, but my computer has been broken.
Thank You for a Great afternoon.

That was the most amazing experience I have had. I have never been touched like that before! The long drive was worth it.

Well I finally got in to see you.. took a bit but it was a success. Thanks so much for being patient. You are very pretty and I enjoyed your company very much.  

The Gentleman

Miss Synn, I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday! You do have an extraordinary amount of energy in your hands. You do awesome work for an even more awesome donation. Thank you for setting aside some time for me and thank you for the best Relaxation Session I've had in a very long time.   Oscar